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What Makes These Appliqués Special?

There are many types of moldings and appliqués – and most have one thing in common. They are not flexible. This means that they must either be applied to completely flat surface or have the gaps filled after application. Efex™ are completely flexible so they simply flex to fit any surface they’re applied to. They can also be stretched up to 2% to ensure a tight fit. No special tools are required beyond a pair of scissors or knife and a good contact cement.

These latex appliqués have been hand made in New Zealand for over 40 years from original plaster moldings taken from pieces in England and France.

Husband and wife team David and Louise Cashmore from Diamond Decorators have been in the painting and decorating industry for over 20 years, that is how they came across this wonderful product. They were painting a house for a client and jumped at the chance to buy the business which was then called Coral Craft. Even though these moldings have been around for over 40 years they wanted to bring it into the 21st century for everyone else to use.

Are They Simple to Use?

Efex™ can be applied to almost any surface; wood, plaster, metal, glass, and terracotta by using a standard contact glue. We recommend using DAP® Weldwood contact cement, it’s the best one we’ve used so far. Apply to back of the appliqué and to surface you’re attaching to. Press the two surfaces together once the glue is dry to the touch, and its done! You can start finishing your piece once the appliqué is attached.

If you’re using a different brand make sure you check the manufacturer’s instructions, these may differ from brand to brand. Don’t use epoxy or PVA glues as they will not adhere.

Where Can I Use Efex™?

Efex™ can be used anywhere around the home including kitchens and bathrooms. Use on furniture, walls, doors, or mirrors. Use to create picture frames and boxes. In fact, if it needs decorating this is the product for you. They can be used outside too! For garden uses such as terracotta, store inside during extreme winter weather, or in a sheltered area.

I Glued My Efex™ on…Now What?

Efex™ can be painted, stained, or gilded. Just apply your favorite finishing product to get any look your heart desires. From shabby chic, to elegant French…the possibilities are simply endless!

What designs do you have?

We carry 100s of different designs, from trim and scrolls – to rosettes, bows, and ceiling embellishments. All of our designs come from country charm and old world historic moldings. Why not create something beautiful and unique today?

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