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Ever wish for a better way to store your decorative paints for furniture and art projects? Then the Paint-EZE™ Dispensers are for you. The Big Girl, holds 32 OZ, a whole quart of paint, and the Little Girl, holds 16 OZ great for mixing color recipes for your project and carrying with you as you paint. Paint-EZE™ bottles dispense from the bottom not the top and stand upright which makes getting paint to the surface or brush a breeze.

Regardless of your use, Paint-EZE™ Dispensers, keep the air out, the drips away and are virtually mess free. Whether you need a little or a lot, they are the best assistant you could ask for. Fill them once and you never have to open them again until you refill. No mess; No Drying Out; No Spilling!

Paint-EZE™ no mess paint storage dispensers are the perfect solution for numerous types of Faux Finishing Paints, Chalk Paint®, Craft Paints, Artist Paints and can even be used for dispensing numerous types of viscous liquids such as Automotive detailing compounds.

You will love the Paint-EZE™! You simply squeeze directly on the surface you are painting, into a cup, paper plate, paint tray or bucket, or directly onto your paint brush with no mess or fuss. Useful in Classes, or painting with a partner.


How to use and maintain your Paint-EZE

Be sure to follow your paint manufacturers guidelines pertaining to Storage, Perish-ability time, and any Special Handling instructions.

Printable Instructions please Click HERE

  1. Before you start***Make sure the flat end cap is on tight and that the cap is not cross threaded. Caps are designed to fit tightly to create an air seal.*** (Caps may be loosened during shipping or removed for shipping so please be sure to always check caps before adding paint.)
  2. Remove the dispenser valve cap, using a funnel; pour a “fresh” quart of paint into the bottle. Scrape every last ounce of paint (spatulas work well) out of the paint can for no waste. (Using paint in your Paint-EZE™ that has been previously opened and stored in a can may contain lumps and it may be hard for the valve to operate properly, so use fresh quarts of paint in your bottle.) If using our 16 or 12 oz size Paint-EZE™, be sure to stir the can of paint thoroughly before pouring into your Paint-EZE™.
  3. Screw the dispenser valve cap on tight; making sure it is threaded straight. This dispenser valve cap may be hard to get seated fully onto the bottle, these caps are designed to fit TIGHT to create an air seal. It may be necessary to use the edge of a paint brush one of our Wrenches or other similar item, placed through the tabs on the dispenser cap, to fully secure the dispenser valve cap onto the bottle. When the dispenser valve cap is fully seated there should be very little to no visible THREADS appearing below the bottom edge of the dispenser valve cap.
  4. Turn your bottle upside down so the dispenser valve cap is on the bottom, holding it straight up and down and squeeze some paint into a cup or paper plate. If the valve is tight and it is hard to squeeze, gently put your little finger against the valve and press upward. Try squeezing some paint out again. (The valve is delicate so please do not stick anything but a fingertip in the valve to clear obstructions) Store your bottles on its flat cap end when not in use.
  5. Paint must be agitated/remixed from time to time. If your Paint-EZE™ has not been used in a while. Place your finger over the valve and gently shake the paint, in a backward and forward motion for about 30 seconds. A small chip of dried paint may occur inside the valve when stored for a length of time. Simply “flick this dried paint out of the valve with your finger tip”. Regular SHAKING/MIXING of your paint in the Paint-EZE™ bottle is a must as with paint that is stored in cans, the paint will separate when stored for a period of time.
  6. When it’s time to fill again, add a fresh quart of paint and keep on using.
  7. Cleaning, you may clean your bottle and valve cap with warm soapy water if you wish, just make sure everything is screwed on tight and level again.

Options for use: You may use your Paint-EZE™ to squirt paint directly onto the surface you are painting: directly onto your brush; or into a dish or cup for painting your piece. Paint-EZE™ also work for dispensing Creams, Auto Detailing Compounds, Shampoo, or virtually any Viscous nontoxic or non-flammable Liquids and Paints. Especially handy if you are purchasing in bulk and want an easier way to get your paints or compounds to your projects.

**Paint-EZE™ valves are made of silicone and are virtually impervious to anything but strong acids and bases, however please do not use Paint-EZE™ to store any paints or sealers with flammable or toxic ingredients**

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