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Welcome to EZE-Solutions

EZE-Solutions, is a brand new company, created and founded by two dynamic zaney Ladies, Diane Ryan and Mary Corso, who are creative interior designers, artists and repurposers. "In this crazy fast food world there is never enough hours in a day to get things done, so the solution was to make the day longer, which is impossible, or find a way to increase the speed at which a project can be created and finished without the waste of product or time". Hence, EZE-Solutions was born.

As we went through our day to day routine creating, working with customers, and recomposing the old into new /better we began brain storming and developed a want list of items we needed to make our work faster and eliminate wasting products. As creative repurposers we constantly look for ways to utilize things in new and different ways.

We now have our first products up and available at EZE-Solutions. We have several more products that will be released in the near future. It is surprising to realize that not everything in the world has already been created. Our goal is to bring to the market place EZE-Solutions for everyday projects or work environments.

Check into EZE-Solutions to see what Diane and Mary have come up with to make your life easier and faster while eliminating waste.

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